For four seasons from April 2008 to March 2009, I hosted the radio show Wanderlust Radio on the community radio station WHPK 88.5FM Chicago. Begun as a Rock format show (in a very expansive sense of the term), it worked double-time over the summer of 2008 as a biweekly show switching between Rock and International, and for its remaining two seasons stayed in the International format.

On Wanderlust Radio we explored the intersection of musical cultures from around the world and the limits of melodic music and tonal systems. The Rock format version of Wanderlust also incorporated a generous smattering of new and recent indie. What does all this mean?

Intersection of Musical Cultures

We’ll be listening to things like Anatolian Rock, where the Turkish musical tradition of makam and American-bred psychedelic rock mix.

Limits of Melodic Music and Tonal Systems

Whether it’s music created in an Arabic maqam or microtonal works by Easley Blackwood, we’ll expand our concepts of tonality.


Pop, rock, electronica, trip-hop, psybient, instrumental hip-hop, whatever is musically alluring from true non-RIAA indie to the more mainstream “indie”.

The show website is There you can find logs of what was played on each show as well as recordings for all but one show. The seasons and shows are in reverse chronological order. To browse, first select a season, then click on “radio log” to see what was played on that show, and if you’d like to download and listen to the show itself right click on the date of the show and select “save target as…” or “save link as…” to download the file to your computer, as each file is around 110mb.