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The Trip

At the end of May and beginning of June, I travelled to Jordan to participate in a conference on clinical legal education as a member of the SAIS International Human Rights Clinic with the Protection Project. The conference was next to the Dead Sea, and afterward I visited with some classmates Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, and Amman. Spent my twenty-fifth birthday snorkeling for the first time, in reefs off the coast south of Aqaba.



Right-click on the photos and open them in separate tabs to zoom in and find Waldo.


Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

We all descended upon a cabin (no electricity or running water) in the middle of Michaux State Forest in Pennsylvania west of Gettysburg for the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of April. Myself, Chris, Aliza, and friends of Aliza: Danica from NY, Cody and Kristen from DC, Lisa from Pittsburgh and her dog Karl.


Last Sunday biked with Aliza down to the National Mall and met up with Chris for the some type of Kite Party. They had Rokkaku (kite fighting) and other fun activities. Got to fly a big ole two-line triangular kite, it was good times, hopefully everyone will stop telling me fly one now.

I’ve completed the visual journey begun with Woooo Bangladesh Spring Break!! Bangladesh was very enjoyable, the constant meetings kept us busy and thinking, it all took a good week to adjust back (the day / two day flight didn’t help). Below is a gallery of a whole bundle of photos, I’ll try to sift out some of the better photos at some point. I’ll write in more academic/policy detail about Bangladesh soon.

And now for something completely different…

Arrived in Dhaka at 4am. First thing that hit me exiting the plane into the terminal was the smell/taste of the air, very reminiscent of cities in central-west China. Must share some common industry. yum!

Today’s adventures in picture form:

Tomorrow begins the busyness!

Newspapers Friday March 9th. I don’t think this happens often.

Here’s a random assortment of photos from the trip to Rome with Nick, Jess, and M&D. It is not (yet) complete as I haven’t finished going through the photos, and it’s a whole lot more photos than I should have up but I don’t have enough time to cut them down (to paraphrase Twain). Enjoy!

For our Thanksgiving holiday, we had a full week off, and attempted to take full advantage of it by meeting Neil in Melbourne and travelling around Tasmania before heading to Sydney and then out back to Nanjing and school.

It was just as great of a trip you can imagine, and I fell in love with the great cities, lovely nature, and ubiquitous ginger beer that exist at least in this part of Australia.


Mount Wellington (outside Melbourne)

St. Kilda (suburb of Melbourne along the water)


On the boat around Tasman Island to Port Arthur

Port Arthur

{old decrepit prison surrounded by greens on the water}

[hollowed out ceiling-less church, the ground is green grass and covered in small white flowers]


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On Saturday the 6th I went with a bundle of HNCers to 栖霞山 Qixiashan, a temple/hilly area northeast of and well-outside downtown Nanjing. Hopefully the photos will narrate themselves, suffice to say I teamed up with Ray and we walked around the hills for a couple of hours. It was a nice break, especially that weekend because I had two papers due (one in Chinese). This weekend I only have one! Such fortune I am blessed with : )

Climbing the mountain, Chinese-style.

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Just wanted to say I came back a little beat up and tired but otherwise fine. Since I won’t have the details up for a bit, I’ll just share some of the highlights of my week trip from Urumqi to Lanzhou.

Turpan – Uighur culture and food, grapes, accidental desert exploring, ruins of ancient city, Kashgar girl on bus taught me some Uighur.

Always travelling by bus… This is from Turpan to Dunhuang

Dunhuang – Beginning of Hui (Chinese Muslim) influences, dunes, Buddhist grottoes. Ran into a friend from Hangzhou also travelling there with some friends.

Jiayuguan – was okay. Ancient fort, and part of great wall. Was asked if I was Muslim, a first, while eating at a Muslim restaurant in the Hui part of town. Explored with Hangzhou friend and posse.

Xiahe – Tibetan culture and food, Labrang Monastery (one of the six most important Yellow Hat sect monasteries). Was befriended by group of Tibetan teens/young people my age. Eating and singing and drinking commenced for the evening.

Very lovely, enjoyable trip. Details at some point : )

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